Why Ercole Rovida’s Blog?

Dear readers,

Few words to explain why I decided to have my own blog. Is quite simple, some years ago when I was still working in Nokia Siemens Networks I was experiencing a quite complicated period of my professional life. I was working inside a new company fighting against two main and important decisions: stay or go and start a new entrepreneur career. I wanted to share with people what I was feeling and thinking about the situation, with the main scope to give some tips and help to whom was experiencing the same.

Since 2009 I tried to write some articles treating different arguments related to my business, evidencing what I considered important.

Today I’m continuing doing this but with different points of view, from employee to entrepreneur and as an employee but with an entrepreneur attitude. I hope to be of interest and above all to be again of any help to whom is fighting like me in this hard business environment.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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