New career perspective

After a long time working in a big international holding: Siemens before, Nokia Siemens Networks after, I decided to move towards a big change in my life: to become an entrepreneur.

Filomena Scalise / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe decision has been taken not so fast. It was just medited during some months. A period where I just wasn’t so happy of my career’s perspective while working in a “new” company without feeling myself part of it.

Now I can say that I’m very happy and exited in my new position and I hope to be able to maintain this blog updated quite often. My intention is to share my new experience with as many colleagues and friends as possible.

I know that economic downturn is still present but I know also that something is changing. I see a lot of Companies that are looking for new markets to be developed in addition to their national ones. I’m experiencing a big networking with existing and new companies that want to invest in new innovative projects which could last for years: sustainable energy, renewable resources and of course telecommunications.

I’m sure that 2010 will be a great year and want to wish all the best for the coming months.

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