One Year in Youncta

ER Small 2June 2015, just one year ago I started my adventure in Youncta. I think this is the right occasion to make a quick review of what happened. I left my consulting company because I believed in Youncta.

I believed that we could address the market and be winner. After one year I can say that it wasn’t easy. We had to introduce ourselves again to some customers, fighting with a bad legacy and competition spreading a lot of shit on us! Sometimes we won, sometimes we didn’t.

It was very hard to rebuild credibility, acquire new customers and catch new ones but we did it. We had to reshape many times our sales strategy in order to adapt ourselves in an evolving market, sometimes fighting against our board and stakeholders.

Today I can proudly say that we succeeded in consolidating our presence in Italy and Spain, ASEAN Countries, South Africa and Brazil. We signed important Global Partnership Agreements and OEMs that will successfully drive our business in the next years.

We had to learn Logo Youncta2a lot from our competitors and thanks to this “continuous training on the job” we focused a lot and differentiate. Yes we had to think about our key differentiators and be extremely selective in our addressable market. We studied our potential markets and we proposed tailored solutions to our customers.

After one year I can say that I’m very happy about what we reached with Youncta and, above all, about the potential market that today we are able to address thanks to our actual products and the innovation in our future portfolio.

So, Happy Work Anniversary! I wish many happy returns of this day!



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