Running and Problem Solving

Not so much time to write something in my blog. Family, business, too busy, I know. But today I would like to share something because I think is very interesting. Something related to one of my hobbies: running.

Some years ago I had to start some sport activity for health, my work too often obliged me to have a sedentary life, too much I must say. Running for me was the right compromise:  I could do it everywhere, even during my business trips. Today I spend some hours during the week in Italy or abroad running in nice places, and the funny thing is that it seems that this activity helps me a lot to relax, to open my mind and to solve problems.

Since last year my work is quite complicated and I need to concentrate a lot, facing very tough situations and trying to change strategy very often. When I run I try to think how to solve my problems and i must say that it works. It seems that when I run my mind is more reactive than usual and I can analyze all details of my business in a very clear way.

IMG_0115When you run, depending the distance you plan to cover, you need to “organize” your efforts, trying to maintain a rhythm during some kilometers, going slowly when you climb or increasing your speed when going down using the slope to help you.

This kind of activity is stimulating you to better analyze problems, finding out the right way to isolate significant parts and setup the correct solutions. Simply speaking, exercise boosts your mental performance and I can state that is true.

Running is also helping you to improve your performance day by day, month by month and year by year. Is a matter of dedication, some effort and a lot of tenacity but at the end results are really impressive.

So I really recommend to my colleagues and followers to think about this simple activity that can be very helpful for your health and work. If you start with some slow and controlled sessions, you’ll see how you can improve. Results are really impressive.


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