Ercole Rovida Global Blog

Today, my blog, is changing his name in Ercole Rovida Global Blog. I decided to make this important change because of the huge number of views I have worldwide, something that make me very proud and think that what I’m writing is interesting to many people around the world.

During the years I’ve reached more than 100 Countries, something that I’d never think about it. I’m happy to believe that someone reading my articles could have been inspired and even helped on his job and life.

We know very well that the global situation today is very tough due to the crisis generated by COVID 19. Many people has huge difficulties of different nature.

Pandemic situation is not going to finish soon, so we need to join our efforts to overcome it.

I realised that these kind of problems are common in every Country and that’s the reason why I’ll continue to write contents in my blog with the aim to be of help with my humble recommendations and advices.

Thanks again to my readers and followers all over the world.

Take care!


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