2018 we start with a strategic partnership

Furukawa Intracom

Just one year working in Intracom Telecom. One year full of great achievements. Today we are experiencing another key step on the development of our international go to market strategy: the partnership with Furukawa Electric LATAM.

Something that has been studied with the main target to present an integrated portfolio of Hybrid Fiber-Wireless solutions. My idea, discussed with my CEO and Furukawa´s has been based on the possibility to offer to our customers a complete solution for next generation networks starting from 5G, but not only.

Today the key request from everybody is capacity. This request started years ago and is exponentially increasing every year due to the new market tendencies related to Online gaming, streaming, Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, etc.

Independently from 5G networks and future amazing network architectures, the need of connectivity and capacity is TODAY! In Intracom Telecom we are addressing many different projects designed with the aim to give connectivity and, of course, capacity in different market sectors. One of our big challenge is Rural areas coverage. We are dealing with tens of projects worldwide. Projects included in the European 2020 program for connectivity and assure at least 30 Mbps per subscriber, but also projects to increase capacity per subscriber to more than 100 Mbps.

In a big part of these projects is requestedalso connectivity with fiber. Different topology of connectivity schemes that fit with wireless and complete our portfolio. Fiber used to reach peripheral areas and from the last point of presence extend the network with wireless. Fiber used also in the buildings for smart home solutions even in remote unconnected areas thanks to a connection with wireless point to point or point to multipoint systems.

At the end, we can understand why this partnership could generate a tremendous portfolio of hybrid solutions to be delivered to our customers, from one side Furukawa Electric completing with wireless systems and from the other side Intracom Telecom with fiber active and passive network elements.

Resuming, why this strategic partnership:

Because Convergence of fiber based and wireless transport becomes a stronger asset than ever, in the evolving telecommunications market. Operators today can find themselves in the position of accessing a larger tool-box of solutions to homogeneously address fixed and mobile transport network with multi-gigabit transport options.

Main reasons:

  • Complementary portfolio of Fiber and Wireless solutions. GPON, WDM, Cabling, Wireless Transport and Access. Deliver high capacity fiber-like throughputs up to last mile subscribers.
  • Complete solution provider for network infrastructures. Today the market trend in telecommunications sees operators asking for complete network solutions aimed to reduce TCO.
  • International presence and complementary markets. Evident synergies based on reciprocal support with  technology and services, e.g. LATAM and EMEA.
  • Integrated software solutions. Intracom R&D can customize or design software solutions that could manage the full Intracom and Furukawa portfolio. NMS platform and dedicated solutions for IOT and BIG DATA. Big advantage for customers.

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